Whale spotting in Scotland

During the warmer months, most visitors come to see the whales that migrate from the south to spend the summer feeding in the nutrient-rich Hebridean waters. The area is a hotspot for whale sightings during the summer and people come from all over the country and abroad for an unforgettable whale watching boat trip. Minke […]

Seals in Scotland

Seals are present all year round and when not basking on beaches and rocky shorelines, they can be seen in the water when their heads are visible just above the surface before they duck back under again. Species we tend to see the most are the common seal and the Atlantic grey seal but on […]

Spot rare sealife in the Hebrides

Leatherback Turtle Most people don’t know that turtles, including the Leatherback Turtle which is the largest in the world, frequent the Hebridean waters during the summer months. The turtles spend the majority of the year in tropical waters during the breeding season but undertake huge migrations to more temperate waters to feed, and, although sightings […]

Dolphins and porpoises

The waters around Mull, Staffa and Iona are home to a few species of dolphin and porpoise. Species that we see regularly are common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and harbour porpoise. Out in open water, it is common to see dolphins and porpoises surfacing and jumping with regularity, and the dolphins in particular love to bow ride alongside the boats. The […]

Basking sharks in Scotland

The basking shark is the second largest fish in the world and is common in the Southern Hebrides during summer as they migrate from warm waters following blooms of plankton. Even though they spend a lot of their time below the surface, they are easy to spot even from a distance as their massive dorsal […]

Basking Sharks Arrive Earlier Than Usual This Year

Basking sharks have made an appearance on Scotland’s west coast earlier than usual this year due to much warmer water temperaturesl. Although it’s always a fun and exciting experience watching these massive fish swim slowly and elegantly near the surface with their fins often breaking the surface, there are important things to remember. In the […]

New Videos Added to Staff Tours Youtube

We’ve added two videos to the our Youtube channel! There’s some great footage of dolphins bow riding MV Ossian and jumping clear out of the water. It’s exciting stuff so check out the Staffa Tours Youtube channel.