Iona is a tiny island – only three and a half miles long by one and a half across – separated from Mull by about a mile of water.

The Sound of Iona separates Iona from Mull and the visitor soon feels that the distance is much further, for Iona is more akin to the islands of the Outer Hebrides that it is to Mull. Low craggy hills overlook the narrow sandy beaches and small coves of the east coast. In the north and west the beaches are of dazzling shell sand, and the waves that break on them have a purity of colour unique to the Hebrides. The translucent atmosphere generally allows the outer island to be seen clearly, as well as the closer shore of Staffa, Ulva and Mull. The broad western beaches of Iona are backed by machair lands of rich pasture, another feature of the isles further to the west.

In the south the coastline is more rugged. At one point a fault in the cliffs shoots a spout of water hundred feet into the air if conditions are rough. At the southernmost tip of the island is the rocky inlet where St. Columba disembarked from his coracle.

How to get to Iona

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