Visit Tobermory’s shops, restaurants and cafes or take a guided tour of its distillery. For those with children they can even take a stroll through Balamory, visiting the various village locations where the popular BBC children’s series was filmed.

Tobermory has become the heart of the Isle of Mull since it was purposely built as a fishing port in 1788; as designed by the Dumfriesshire engineer Thomas Telford.

The renowned ‘post-card perfect’ harbour of brightly coloured buildings, attributable to the popular BBC children’s programme ‘Balamory’, host welcoming accommodation, popular gift shops and a plentiful choice of delicious eateries; making it a desirable visiting location for all of the family.

Tobermory can also be known for its popular Whisky distillery, pottery workshop, locally sourced fish and shell-food restaurants, Isle of Mull cheese farm, and the historical wreck of a Spanish Galleon sunk in the bay during the Armada of 1588. A number of television and radio broadcasts feature Tobermory for its idyllic character and attractions, as well as excellent public transport links and free parking.

The town is recently more admirable for catching a glimpse of iconic wildlife species; from Golden and White-tailed Eagles and other marine birds soaring the skies to Otters, Dolphins and Porpoise swimming in the harbour.

Tobermory harbour makes for the ideal destination to enjoy and depart from to explore the magnificent coasts, which are significant feeding grounds of Basking Sharks, Minke Whale’s, Orca’s and less rarely sighted sea life such as the Sunfish and Leatherback Turtle! It is the perfect base for exploring the west coast of Scotland’s islands and marine life by sea; with the newly purpose built ‘MV Islander’  being the first to provide an opportunity to visit, via Kilchoan, Coll, Staffa and the Treshnish Isles from Tobermory.