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  • Whale spotting in Scotland

    - Sealife

    Whales visit the Scottish Inner Hebrides during warmer months. Read about the different species, spectacular behaviour and feeding habits

  • Seals in Scotland

    - Sealife

    Common seals and Atlantic grey seals are a common site in the waters of Scotland's west coast. Read more seal facts from Staffa Tours.

  • Spot rare sealife in the Hebrides

    - Sealife

    Scotland’s west coast not only attracts common species of sealife, rarer species visit to feed in the Gulf Stream such as turtles and sunfish

  • Dolphins and porpoises

    - Sealife

    Dolphins and porpoises are a great attraction in the waters off Scotland's west coast. Join Staffa Tours on one of our special wildlife boat tours.

  • Basking sharks in Scotland

    - Sealife

    The basking shark is the second largest fish in the world and are often spotted off Scotland's west coast during the summer. Read on for more basking shark information!

  • Basking Sharks Arrive Earlier Than Usual This Year

    - Sealife

    Basking sharks have made an appearance on Scotland’s west coast earlier that usual this year due to much warmer water temperatures than usual. Find out more...

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