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  • Getting to know the Treshnish Isles

    - The Islands

    Stretching over seven kilometres, the Treshnish Isles are one of the biggest draws on the West Coast of Scotland.

  • The Beginner's Guide to Fingal's Cave

    - The Islands

    Fingal’s Cave is one of Staffa’s most astonishing features and has been billed as one of the world’s most spectacular caves.

  • 5 Amazing Facts about Puffins

    - Wildlife

    It’s no secret that one of our favourite things to do on Staffa in the summer is puffin watching. These remarkable birds live most of their lives on the ocean, migrating to coastal regions during breeding season.

  • Whale spotting in Scotland

    - Sealife

    Whales visit the Scottish Inner Hebrides during warmer months. Read about the different species, spectacular behaviour and feeding habits

  • Seals in Scotland

    - Sealife

    Common seals and Atlantic grey seals are a common site in the waters of Scotland's west coast. Read more seal facts from Staffa Tours.

  • Spot rare sealife in the Hebrides

    - Sealife

    Scotland’s west coast not only attracts common species of sealife, rarer species visit to feed in the Gulf Stream such as turtles and sunfish

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