Staffa Tours Boat Trips Resume 1st April 2014

Only a few weeks to go until we resume another amazing season of boat trips visiting the spectacular island of Staffa with the world famous Fingal’s Cave, the Treshnish Isles with its huge puffin colony and the waters around the Isle of Coll, feeding grounds for minke whales.

Staffa Tours boat trips resume

Almost as soon as you board, porpoises, dolphins, seals, sea eagles, whales, basking sharks and a huge number of seabirds can be spotted making each tour an unforgettable experience.

Wildlife Cruises visiting:

  • Treshnish Isles (puffins, dolphins, whales, basking sharks, sea eagles)
  • Staffa (Fingal’s Cave, puffins, dolphins, whales, basking sharks)

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We look forward to welcoming you aboard!